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Let's have an UPROAR by Ra88 Let's have an UPROAR by Ra88
This is a pencil sketch of ShadowToxin's Uproar, a Decepticon biker with an attitude. Not 100% close to her description, but I had to work from memory because of a temporarily limited internet connection.


Name: Uproar

Faction: Decepticon

Height: 7'10"

Gendertype: Male

Alt. Mode: Harley Davidson Vrod

Basic Physical Description: Hes small, but hes built like a shit brickhouse. Small for a transformer, each limb is made for power, made with the specific purpose of indimidation and the ability to rip armor from a body. His hands and feet are seeming tools of discturction, claws adorning each didget, having a wicked pointed curve to them, and on the tip of a joint, a spike is adorned. His face and helm are very humainoid in appearance, one may even say it looks like a skull. Which is what it was modeled from, looking like [link] accept with all being narrow and pointed. His jaw his dehingeable, so his maw can gape as wide as nearly a foot and a half. His optics are covered by tinted black glass, so the only apparent eyes he has in the sockets are a dim red glow.
His chest leads way to a deep ribcage hold for his armor, the Vtwin engine visible inside of that, which holds all of his internals in a protective cusp. His shoulders are lined with spikes, which lead to thick arms. His legs are jointed like a velociraptors, leading way to three clawed feet, which balance ontop of heels made from the back tire of his alt, each heel having half of it. The front tire splits half and half, shielding his sides. And along his spine another series of plated spikes lay, these can raise and lower with his emotions.
His coloring his mainly black, but a deep oarngy red is also there, from the frame of the Vrod. The orange frame comes out from beneath his ribcage, if one had a colorful imagination, they would take that as like organic blood dripping down from a beings heart.

Description or picture of alt. mode:
-eagles, and + skulls. The tailpipes are customs, having a wicked curve at the exaust hole to them.

Personality: From his upbringing, he only has a few frames of mind. Silent is one of them, rarely will he start a conversation, and rarely will he answer you unless you are a higher ranking offical than him. The others are...not so nice, his mind is constantly running, judging, always thinking of a person's weak points, what he can use around him against you, what way to turn your main fuel like to make it gush out so satisfyingly between his fingers. Along with this edge, hes got a temper unlike anything seen, even perhapse glance on something that could be somehow translating as insulting he, what he beleieves in, or the decepticon cause, and you'll feel his wrath. The only time he will ever show anything close to happyness is when in a battle, cackling like a man insane, only is he truely happy when hes douced with the blood (or energon if you like to be politically correct) of his enemies. And from the eons of silence save for his own musings, a strip of madness is now in his mind.

History: He was sparked in the war, the war is all he has known, its all he will ever know, and its all he ever wants. He was designed with a specific purpose to be a tool for war, and a harbringer of death for the decepticon cause. Never once was he given a happy opportunity to have a life of peace, from the get go of him being sparked he was put into training.

His job? Pick out a specific target, and take them out, leaving a gap in a defencive line, take out a major target, exc exc. He was a take no prisoners solder, though quicly from the moment of finding his first battle he was showing a liking for keeping his targets alive and killing them slowly. He went threw all of the large battles, heading in like a creature sent from the pit, killing without mercy. That was his world, it was all he did, the days just bled together in a mix of that and fighting.

But when the allspark dissapeared, and it took the war with him, Uproar was close to follow. Following after Megatron himself , that was until he lost track of the massive mech in space. He wandered endlessly, anything that moved was subjected to him unfurling and subjecting it to his fire. But finally, after eons of solitute that slowly subjected him to madness, a voice rang out, directing him once again. Leading him to a planet called Earth, where he landed in Milwakee, Wisconsin. In the heart of motorcycle country, he easally found a sutable alternate mode, finally suted to going back to his old habits. (Many a human was subjected to his 'new planet lifeform capabilities' test)

Weapons: Mele 1. The tailpipes from his alt. mode lay on his right arm, these can extend, like a predator's wristblades, and be used as a stabbing or slashing weapon. This tears light, though will do little to medium without hacking at it (which hes known to do if they hold still long enough) and wont do much to heavy.

Mele 2. The sharp plated spines on his back can be removed, these are linked together by a strong length of cable, making an effective whip. Adorning the tip is a sharp spike, each edge is sharpened to a wicked razors edge. This dosent do much to armor, but with his accurate wielding, this can take out optics and sensitive lines along the body.

Firing 1. His left arm can turn into something akin to a rifle, his fingers turning into two barrels. These shots can pierce light-light/medium armor, this does good damage to light, medium damage to medium, little to heavy.

*note!* If all else fails, his claws can be used as a last resort, but they can only claw at stuff, being attached to delicate and thin joints anyways.

Armor level: light on extremities, medium on his chest

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tro0oy Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008  Student Interface Designer
awesome picture
well drawn
apcomics Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
rather have that in the movie, than that dodgey lookin arcee.

I still recon she shoould have been some small and quick, lil like the japanese stuff in fast and teh furious, only smaller.
But nope she gonna be a ugly lookin spindly midget.
:( poor motocyle

so can we expect a full color or this staying a line sketch
DecepticonsRule Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008
Great design.
ixzidian2031 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008  Professional Artist
great design
spongey20 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
really cool!i like eat
scaleblade Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
Loving the design. Bikerbots have *always* had a special place in my heart.
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